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Multi Residential and Community Facilities

Multi-Residential Projects and Community Facilities Creating shared living environments is what we do best.

Developing well-designed, functional and affordable low to medium density housing. Buildings that are sensitive to the needs of the community. And give great consideration to who will live in them.

Morr Homes and Projects specialise in the design and construction of:

  • Residential units
  • Villas
  • Townhouses
  • Independent living
  • Retirement villages

We understand every build has a unique set of criteria, which is why our experienced project management team adopts a collaborative approach. Enhancing our ability to deliver our client with a quality outcome. That meets your expectation and secures a positive return on investment.

Custom Homes

Looking to build your dream home? The opportunity of bringing your vision to life is an exciting time.

But having the right team for a smooth journey is essential. Whether you bring your own plans, or we connect you with an architect. Our goal is ensuring your building experience is as satisfying as the result.

Using a disciplined building system and planning process is our strength. And respecting a collaborative approach. There will be many professionals involved in building your custom home: architect, engineer, builder, landscaper, interior designer. By staying connected from concept to completion, a cohesive team achieves excellent results.

Building one-of-a-kind homes are special. From the initial stages of site inspection to the handing over of keys. We consider the construction of a custom home to be a privilege. A unique, creative experience we love sharing with clients.

Let's work together — Phone: 02 6583 9618

Commercial Building Projects

The Morr Homes and Projects team are commercial building professionals. Trusted in the planning, management and construction of commercial building projects.

With multiple phases, commercial builds are a complex scope of works.

But we understand business. And the importance of efficient project management for all stakeholders.

In close partnership with clients, we plan and construct your project to specification. Drawing on quality practice and supported by the latest technology.

Our principal goal is managing your project to stay on budget and on schedule. Known for ingenuity and value, our experienced team deliver outstanding commercial facilities. Optimising value for you as the owner. Functionality for your tenant. And user-friendly for their client.

Design and Construct

As a design & construct builder, we offer a complete home building package. Our design and construct method is the perfect building solution for many clients. With one point of contact from start to finish. We streamline the building process to include quality home design. And reduce stress by getting you into your new home faster! Plus, the flexibility to tailor home designs to suit your budget and needs.

Here are five key benefits in choosing Design and Construct:

  • Accountability - design, cost, quality, scheduling. The buck stops with us!
  • Buildability - we’ve done due diligence to guarantee quality outcomes.
  • Cost Savings - known building costs are firm, reducing cost variations.
  • Time Savings - our efficient processes reduce construction lead times.
  • Teamwork - a positive hub of team members working toward a common goal.